A high-angle shot on green opaque water in which are scattered the bodies of a few human beings. They float and drown, seem distressed and calm, but all, young and old, are solitary. The piece is called 3:14pm Pacific Ocean, 2012 and is part of Alex Prager’s solo show ‘Compulsion’ at the Michael Hoppen Gallery.

Alex Prager is a woman, contrary to what I assumed at first, and each of her pieces encloses a whole narrative that it is the viewer’s to decipher and build upon.

A low-angle shot this time, directs our gaze towards the angular forms of an electric pole in which wires a woman’s body is caught, just like a fly in a sticky trap. Men’s heads, at the bottom of the frame, are tilted upwards towards the scene. The deep blue night sky offers a fantastic background (7:12pm, Redcliff Ave, 2012).

Every scene is not just any narrative. They are terrible accidents, prone to be peeked at by the passerby.

Alex Prager was a great discovery, and watching her short film pieces Touch of Evil for the New York Times Magazine was an even better experience.

Alex Prager | Compulsion | 20 April – 24 May 2012 | Michael Hoppen Gallery


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